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King Scallop fishery for the Isle of Man will open on 1 November

The Isle of Man’s King Scallop fishery will open again from 1 November 2017 with further restrictions in place to reduce the fishing effort and allow stock to recover.

In recent years  the number of boats fishing in the Isle of Man’s scallop fishery has expanded significantly to potentially damaging levels and so further controls will be in place.

The number of licences in in 2016 was reduced along with no fish zones and it is thought this will be the trend for 2017 with further conservation zones.

There will also be a curfew  in place to prevent fishing between 6pm and 6am and any skippers flouting these restrictions will be prosecuted by the Isle of Man’s Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture (DEFA).

In 2016/17 there was approx 3500 metric tonnes of Kings landed compared to 4,500 in 2015/16 which brings in significant income to the Isle of Man.

The Island’s territorial sea extends for 22 kilometres (or 12 nautical miles) and covers some 4,000 square kilometres in area.

Through its Future Fisheries and Food Matters strategies, DEFA is aiming to ensure that the economically-important fishing industry, and the marine environment that supports it, are protected for the long term.



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