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Biosphere status for the Isle of Man







The Isle of Man has been awarded a very special Biosphere status.

This high profile accolade was  granted the world heritage body Unesco which has awarded the the entire Isle of Man a Biosphere Reserve. This makes the Isle of Man the first  country in the world to hold this unique status!

The Isle of Man is a truly unique place, nowhere are you more than a few miles away from stunning coastlines and countryside.  The community of the island is very close-knit, safe and is where people look out for each other. The Isle of Man also has a very diverse and robust modern economy. The island is heavily involved in working on a wide range of environmental and social projects that are helping to keep the Isle of Man a very special and unique place.

The island is blessed with a lovely coastline and has its very own territorial waters all containing a wide and diverse abundance of marine and coastal wildlife. Over the years the Isle of Man has become famous for it’s Manx Queen Scallops and King Scallops. The Isle of Man fishing industry works closely with other users of the sea to ensure that the fishery is managed in a sustainable and long term fashion. In fact the Isle of Man has lead the way in many of these initiatives.

For more information on the Isle of Man Biosphere, please visit Isle of Man Biosphere.

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